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I sure wish I had the skills and equipment to make Stocking's cool glowing stocking katana :<

I recently bought a wig for her and contacts (to me her eyes look green to me compaired to Panty, so I got green circle lenses although some people told me they thought they were blue -- oh well). I'm making her angel outfit for Anime Central, and hopefully I can also squeeze in a Kneesocks cosplay or two~

I went to KitsuneKon this weekend and had loads of fun. It was it's first year ever, and was held in Appleton, WI. It did really well, selling out of badges on the second day. I just love smaller conventions. Everything seems so personal, and you can just relax and not have to worry about running around everywhere. I won Best in Show for my SonSon cosplay! That's the highest award I have ever won!

Things have been going ok, and I've been meaning to make a video talking about my experience in Mexico, and about the con over the weekend. I also had an idea for a tutorial of some sorts to put on my website -- it will be a video about the myths of wig styling (ie: You can't use a brush, hairspray doesn't work, don't ever use a hair straightener on a wig) and how you can use those things, and what products seem to work best.

I also thought about documenting how I made a costume from start to finish, and fast forwarding the video to music... I've just been thinking of ideas somehow to incorporate my hobby into a show for youtube or something. I really want to give ideas to beginners who are starting out because not much info was out there when I started, and I really wish I had these ideas and tips on how to make my costume look better.

Hope everyone is doing well -- I've been noticing not many people have been on LJ lately including myself. lol
I'll be cosplaying Panty's everyday outfit for ACen, or if my friend can get a white suit, we're cosplaying the episode 12 versions of Panty and Brief. Can't wait to see your Stocking cosplay!
Yay! I just know there is gonna be a ton of P&SwG cosplay there, but I can't wait to see it all! I hope there is a zombie panty and stocking XD
aw gawd! Not you too on the bandwagon!!! No more P&S cosplaaaaay! pleeeease!! *cry* You liked Gurren right? Watch Star Driver...it's pretty boss!
PS really??? Giving the noobs more info?? Eh, I get super annoyed now a days when people want a tutorial to do everything. It's like go do it for yourselves people!! I had to figure it all out on my own...what makes you all so special that you don't have to trial and error? LOL More power to you for being so helpful! I'm sure you get asked all the time questions about how you made your costumes...while I just rot in the corner. No body gives a shit about my cosplay stuff anymore (but that is because I cosplay stuff no one knows about since everyone can't just go watch stuff without consulting what the masses watch) rant/ But umm yeah. Use your skills for good! ^__^;;
I love Panty and Stocking -- I know it probably will be cosplayed to hell and back, but there is good reason for it. As a lover of all animation, Panty and Stocking parodies everything I love about American and Japanese animation. Not to mention the music is some of the best I've heard in an anime in a long time.

I just cosplay what I like regardless if it is popular or not. It's just how it makes me feel. As soon as I watched Panty and Stocking I just fell in love with the animation style, and the characters. I could see parts of my own personality in Stocking and I felt a connection to her.

I know n00bs want information on everything, but that's not what I am wanting to give. I don't want to spoon feed people, but giving basic tips and tricks is something I would have loved starting out.

I am one who when I get an itch to make a costume, I want to make it right away before I lose interest. Lately, I've just been flip flopping on what to do, but when I saw that show, I just *had* to. I'm sure you've had that feeling before. As cosplayers we have all had that feeling.

Cosplay what you love regardless if it's overdone or not. Do what makes you happy.
I was at Kitsune Kon myself, had a spot of fun winning the Soul Calibur tournament. Glad you had fun too.
yay! Yeah it was a great con ^_^ Very relaxed and not too crowded.
Good luck on your Stocking. that series has already been done to death, but I know you'll do it right. And I think all your tutorial-type ideas are really nice of you. It'll really help some people out who have absolutely no idea what to do, or feel discouraged from even trying.

And congrats on the award!! You totally deserved it <3
Unlike others, I don't have the cash to start on a costume before it has already been done to death lol.

Thank you :)
I totally feel you on that one XD
on the stocking sword... spray adhesive thick on a wooden(or plastic-Safety)katana, then a gloss or luminescent coat in 3 or 4 layers to coat the top. then you get to use the other half of the pair you got for the cosplay, and if the black to white is an issue, get the medical tape that comes blue for kitchen work, and use it with plain then lumin spray coat. you can do it in any well ventilated area... I am willing to bet there is a backyard or a garage you can use for spraying. just make sure you do it in a box with at least 2 walls of cover, if not 3(to save the floor/grass/walls), and make sure not to touch it while it dries. Get a fake kitana at any party shop, dollar store, or toy section. If you have any troubles, you know where to find me. Props are what I specialize in.
luminescent paint can be obtained at lowes or home depot, as well as online of course.
I'd love some tips on styling wigs; I'm actually getting ready to order and style my very first wig by myself (starting small, all I have to style in the bangs) and would love some info on products.
Barring an act of god, I know there's going to be a Scanty and Kneesocks pair at Acen. They might have the rest of the group with them too. Not sure yet. Definitely going to be a lot of Pansuto cosplay this year, not that that's a bad thing.

Congrats on winning Best in Show too. I never realized you hadn't won that award yet. ._.;
I say who cares if it's been done to death if you like it. I plan on doing Stockings transformation outfit and I don't care if it's done to death. I know the pace I work with making cosplays I will be lucky if it's done before 2012. Congrats again on the award.

There is nothing wrong with cosplaying something you like even if it has been done by tons of other people. Isn't that what cosplay is about? Having fun?
Congrats on the award.

As far as your Stocking cosplay, I think you will do fine even if it is overdone. Can't wait to see it.